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I am looking to hire a designer. at Thought Merchants


I am looking to hire a designer. My studio is located in Santa Monica (5 blocks from the beach) but we have been working remotely for 8-years. If you don’t live nearby then you need to work on Pacific Time. Our clients are all over.

You can be junior or super experienced. Honestly, I am looking for the right person. You are talented. You are either young & raw or someone that can’t stand the bullshit of your current gig after a few years. You execute lovely design solutions and want to be mentored in digital product design, user interface, user experience, or the business side of design. I can help with that.

Thought Merchants is a 1-person studio that partners with emerging companies to deliver experiences that work and more importantly are made. Casper, Harry’s, Riot Games, STX, and Code Climate to name a few. Most of our clients are in technology. I branded Chainlink, the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. That’s f--king sweet.

I practice agile design and closely partner with our clients. TM is not a traditional agency. You’ll be partnering with me to design products, brands, systems, and use our talents to solve all sorts of problems for all sorts of companies.

TM provides competitive salary, healthcare, gym stipend, reasonable vacation, and if the surf is good you can paddle out and show up late.

Interested? Email me

Steve Berry
Founder, Thought Merchants

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