Director of Product at Sendible

We’re looking for a highly strategic Director of Product. If you’re excited about social media and building a B2B SaaS company as it reaches its next stage of growth, this is a fantastic opportunity to apply your skills, think strategically and get into the technical details. You will be working closely with the Senior Leadership Team to build on the foundation as one of the first-to-market tools, and driving towards a vision that will continue to keep Sendible a front-runner in the market. 

This role is perfect for someone who has worked on modernizing legacy products, has experience with change management and implementing new processes at new phases in company growth, has a strong technical background, and is great at getting into the details but also seeing the big picture. The ideal candidate is highly collaborative, extremely detail oriented, has great communication skills, cares deeply about creating alignment and buy-in, loves customer experience, and is eager to embrace the challenge and opportunity that exists during this period of growth at Sendible. This role will report directly to the CEO and will be on the Senior Leadership team.
🤝 About you 

Skills & experience:
  • Proven results, ideally in a high-growth SaaS environment or social media company
  • 4+ years of product leadership experience
  • Technical background (some development experience preferred)
  • Track record of successfully defining, implementing, and evolving product development strategies and processes
  • Experience with multiple development processes (agile, lean, scrum, shape up) and an understanding of the benefits of each
  • Highly customer focused and experience with user personas
  • Product ownership and vision experience, not just feature execution
  • College or university degree preferred

Personal characteristics: 
  • Strong alignment with the Sendible values: Curiosity, Authenticity, Reliability, Empowerment, and Simplicity
  • Have the ball: Crave ownership and deliver on promises
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: Be a leader and collaborator that people respect and are excited to follow and learn from
  • Collaborative: Strong collaborator, presenter, and ability to drive alignment with a low ego
  • Analytical: Finds meaning and action in numbers, and is a pragmatic, data-driven decision-maker
  • Resourceful: Figures out how to achieve results creatively with finite resources
  • Excellent communicator: Written and oral 
  • Organized: Stellar time management and organizational skills
  • Detail oriented: Think strategically, but willing to get into the weeds and fix issues
  • Flexible: Willing to recognize when something needs to change and the original plan isn’t working
  • Impeccable integrity and ethical standards: Self-aware, accepting, honest, open, and respectful of others

We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply.

Each new hire is an opportunity for us to bring in a different perspective, and we are always eager to further diversify our company.

Things you’ll be doing

Own the product vision
  • Create strategic alignment in Sendible across all teams and departments.
  • Know where we are going and how we will get there to maintain our competitive advantage in the larger Social Media market.
  • Solidify the 3-5 year vision for Sendible and implement a clear plan to make progress towards those goals - increasing collaboration and creating buy-in.
  • Become a thought leader on the future of our markets.
  • Keep our product roadmap up-to-date and clearly communicate changes to all employees.

Implement strategy & create scalable processes
  • Drive product management excellence, ensuring processes are scalable as we grow and iterating as needed. 
  • Support cohesive product management processes to drive alignment across all departments. 
  • Maintain high engineering velocity and purposeful design practices.
  • Align organization around measurable goals and implement or iterate on prioritization processes to achieve results.
  • Allocate resources efficiently to achieve identified goals. 
  • Balance long term vision execution with short term needs and reacting to social platform updates.
  • Partner with CTO & CEO to build strong, ongoing relationships with social platforms and ensure strict compliance with policies (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

Strong leader & culture champion
  • Lead the Sendible product organization, coaching and mentoring product team members. 
  • Act as a communication champion, creating buy-in across departments (and brands.) 
  • Remove information silos and facilitate strong cross functional collaboration.
  • Communicate product vision, requirements, and constraints for product initiatives and releases to other stakeholders.
  • Build excitement around ongoing initiatives and strategies.
  • Keep a pulse on the culture, ensuring key employee turnover is low.
  • Support SLT in managing critical issues outside core hours jumping in when needed.

Ecosystem & Social pod input
  • Partner with our sister company, Loomly to ensure we are widening our market coverage vs. competing over the same customers. 
  • Collaborate across departments and brands, representing our vision in meetings and cross-brand projects.
  • Work closely across our holding company —  Traject — and its 7 other product teams to execute on the company’s ecosystem vision.

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