Senior Product Designer at Secret Benefits

This love letter from Secret Benefits is for those of you who:
  • Write clearly with short simple words
  • Have an interest in improving the same app over time
  • Want to work on a product people enjoy and pay money for
  • See meetings and presentations as detracting from real work
  • Seek the stability of a company turning a profit
  • Welcome collaboration and feedback
  • Have years of experience shipping
  • Want to be part of a small team to make an impact
  • Get out of bed excited for work each morning
  • Know that real-world confirmation is needed to call an idea successful
  • Can produce without being fuelled by deadlines and stress
  • Prefer not having someone over your shoulder, prodding you for updates
  • Value a good wage, respect, interesting work, and freedom to produce in peace

If this rings true, you might be a good match. We built a dating site enjoyed by millions. We care about design and have a crack dev team to satisfy our design fantasies. We hire brilliant people then get out of their way. Few ever leave.

The founders work in design but now want to pass some responsibility to you. Show us your work, tell us your experience and what type of design tasks cause you to lose track of time.

Please let the company know you found this position on so we can keep providing you with quality jobs.

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