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Hello! My name is Sam Wan (linkedin), from the design team at Instead of posting yet another job ad, I'm using this space to talk with you as one designer to another. Here are some questions that have come up in interviews. I've answered them transparently in the hopes that it will convince some awesome candidates to chat with us. If you think we're a match, please apply!

What's Biteable as a product? Biteable helps anyone create extraordinary videos. We offer web-based video creation that combines stunning content with sophisticated effects to put our customers' messages into motion. Customers love us, and when they don't, they love our customer support. Check out some customer quotes further below.

What's unique about this role? Building creative tools is a rare opportunity for designers. Remember that "Wow!" moment the first time you expressed yourself through software? Here's a chance to work on a video editor that has given millions of users the same feeling of inspiration and empowerment. We're searching for a senior-level Product Designer to join the UX team. Our UX team is small but mighty! We cover every part of the customer journey. This role specifically involves working directly on the video editor. The video editor is at the heart of Biteable... it's about as much impact as a product designer could ask for.

Who are you looking for? We're looking for someone with 5+ years of product design experience. If you've got many, many years of experience, even better. You don't need prior experience building design tools. It's not easy finding that sweet spot between creative power and intuitive simplicity, so we're looking for someone who's strong at interviewing customers and meeting them at their level of ability. Someone who can figure out micro interaction designs, validate rough UX wireframes, and contribute to high fidelity UI visuals. Most importantly, the role requires low-ego collaboration. Biteable has diverse talent: VFX engineers, animation artists, copy writers, and more. Synthesizing these viewpoints requires insightful listening, so we value that a lot.

What is Biteable as a company? Biteable is a 100% remote, well-funded, and commercially successful startup with 7 million users. It's also fun and scrappy! I mean, how many companies have their own in-house animation studio and engineers who also talk to customers? Biteable began with three founders in Tasmania (a marketer, a filmmaker, and an engineer). Over several years, the company grew to include teammates in every time zone from Melbourne to Denver to Warsaw. Everyone cherishes the culture that makes working with teammates fun. Even our recent Series A investors told us that nurturing our unique culture was key to the company's future.

What are Biteable's values? C.R.E.A.T.E. — Customer first, Results oriented, Easy to use, Always human, Transparent & inclusive, Extraordinary.

What will I be working on? The video editor. Visit to create a video and you'll see the timeline, the canvas, the property panels, etc. that you'll work on. The product is prepared to evolve in ways you might find interesting. There are many opportunities to bring your empathy, insight, and ingenuity to guide this evolution.

How big is your team? We have 4 product designers, and 50-ish people (including many other creative roles).

How does the UX team work together? It's a small, mutually supportive group. We meet regularly to coordinate on company-wide design strategy. We help each other every day on our individual projects. We use Slack, Figma, and Notion. We all contribute to a common repository of customer interview notes, and a continually refined UI design system built in Figma. Since we work in different timezones, we're used to collaborating on flexible, asynchronous schedules, but we'll do video chats as time (and puppy vet appointments) allows. Our 4 ux designers are located in Portland (Oregon), Calgary (Alberta, Canada), Montréal (Québec, Canada), and Hobart (Tasmania, Australia).

What role does UX play in your company? The design team wrote a design process document that was adopted by all the product managers and engineers. Evidence-based, customer-centric design is at the core of how we build products. We allocate time and budget to do customer research, and we validate brainstorming with PMs and engineers before starting any project.

As a startup, how stable is Biteable? It's a "startup", but the company was doing well even before we got a Series A investment in January 2021.

What kind of career growth does Biteable offer? It's a startup, so you'll have the responsibility of wearing many hats. You'll get to ship software with a dedicated team of engineers and product managers. That means you'll get to guide the long-term trajectory of entire projects over multiple release cycles. We're always sharing new techniques with each other so we can level up together.

What do customers say about Biteable?
Customer: "It is incredibly easy to produce first animations and videos, and they look extremely professional. I love Biteable, my whole team does!"

Customer: "I am thoroughly enjoying using this product for business and personal use. The support team is incredible and I really enjoy the Facebook community they are growing. Exceptionally responsive and engaging to all posts."

Customer: "Overall, I cannot believe how easy it was to create a video in Biteable. I do not have a video background so I was a bit nervous when I was first tasked to create a video in it. But it's very user-friendly and intuitive, even for novice users. I would definitely recommend Biteable to those who are interested in creating and editing general videos that have a clean look and feel - especially those who are new to the video world and need some guidance/direction."

Customer: "Super easy to use for any beginner with limited video creation expertise. Able to produce usable content quickly and at scale. Helps to produce daily videos for social media feeds. Far superior to alternative offerings."

Thank you! Thanks for reading this far. I hope we've piqued your interest in joining Biteable.

Best Regards,
Samuel Wan, head of ux at Biteable

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